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Our primary purpose is the well-being of the pets in our care. From anecdotal evidence we have found that many of the cats and dogs that stayed with us experienced long term benefits such as better emotional stability and an improved social behavior toward other pets they subsequently encountered.


The main feature at our Pet Resort is the hours of interaction and play, the cats in their secluded cat room, and the dogs in the main play area. After a fun-filled day everyone is quietly relaxed in the privacy of their room, listening to the sound of soothing classical music.


Testimonials from our clients
Letters we've received


To all my friends at the Resort-


  Thank you for such excellent care, attention and affection. I was very relaxed and happy when my "mom" picked me up - 

    "Damien" Whitfield


  Thank you so very much - Damien is very important to me - this is the best kennel experience we have had - see you in November!


Staff -
   Many, many thanks for taking care of Damien this summer. I know that he is "watched over" with love and concern. My trips are much more enjoyable as I know that Damien is also enjoying himself.
  We are both glad you are all there.


Terry Lynn Whitfield and Damien



  Thank you everybody who works there, especially Romelle who made sure our little blind Italian Greyhound ate. Thank you for taking such an interest in our little baby when we go out of town, it is better than leaving her with family!!
      Doug & Cary Jackson & Genevieve



To Romelle & everyone!
  We can't thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of our boys!!! It was hard going on vacation and leaving Moe (being so soon after his major surgery) but I knew that he was in such loving & professional care! I know how much you care.
  Mikey loves daycare with all his friends and thank you so much for calling in the vet when you saw him in pain with his ear.

  You all are very special to us - I don't know what we'd do without you guys. You always take that extra step for my guys!
 Thank you so much!
 Love, The Silvers
   (Moe & Mikey too!)

Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, August 7, 2001
Cats and dogs reign at spa
Groomer's new business pampers pets while their owners are on vacation.
Pam Noles


When Julie Fuentes went looking for a place to put her golden retriever, Lacey, while the family was away on vacation, she didn't like the choices offered by local kennels.


"The first place reminded me of the pound,” the Rancho Cucamonga resident said. "The second place was smaller and I thought she would get more attention, but she still ended up with kennel cough when I brought her home. And the floors were concrete."


When it was time for the family's most recent summer vacation, Fuentes fretted. But then her groomer's daughter told her that soon a new kind of pet-watching service was about to open, one designed more along the lines of a resort than a holding pen. Since her groomer, Romelle Schwartz, was behind the new boarding service,Fuentes decided to try it out.


Personal Preference Pet Resort and Spa opened on Foothill Boulevard in Claremont earlier this month, with Fuentes and Lacey among the first customers. They are now, Fuentes said, loyal customers.


“I won't take her anyplace else," Fuentes said.


Lacey's eight-day stay included frolicking in the Jacuzzi, playing with other dogs and relaxing in her individual room, lying on her raised bed. There were doggy ice cream treats, too.


"She had such a good time l don't think she wanted to come home," Fuentes said. “I think she was lonely when I brought her home. I don't have any other animals. She didn’t eat the whole first day. l think she missed the spa. I'm told they had another golden retriever there and they got along well."


That's just the sort of experience Schwartz, a professional competitive dog groomer for six years wanted to create for her dog and clients.


I decided I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for people whose pets were like their children, " Schwartz said. "While they were on vacation, they wanted their pets to be on vacation."


More than a holding pen, her service offers 28 individual rooms for dogs and space for 24 cats in another section. The dog area has raised platforms for beds and a general play area with toys, while the cat area has individual resting tents for each cat, an enclosed play area and a 150-gallon freshwater fish tank for their amusement.


When dogs are brought in, they're given 10 minutes of socializing with staff right off, "so they can bond with somebody and not feel they were dumped, " she said.


Rooms for puppies and shy dogs are placed off from the rest. Schwartz also takes small puppies home with her at night so they won't be afraid.


Real sod grows in one room, used as a bathroom area for the dogs. In another, a big Jacuzzi takes up a corner beneath a sign that warns against diving. The entire spa is climate controlled and a veterinarian is on call should emergencies arise. A clipboard hangs on each door to mark the day's activities for each guest, including meal times, bathroom breaks and play periods.


Packages range from basic room and board to treadmill and Jacuzzi workouts or even a nature walk on the Thompson Creek Trail in the nearby foothiIls. Basic boarding rates are based on the number of nights a dog or cat spends at the spa and the type of room secured. Single dog rooms can run $25 a night single. Perks can be purchased individually or as a set. The full spa - playtime, massage, treadmill and Jacuzzi - runs $42, and comes with an extra treat. A 15-minute massage alone is $15, a romp on the treadmill $6 and a 15-minute dip in the Jacuzzi $20.


Each guest is collared with its name and suite number during the stay, and if there are special concerns, such as a bad back, another collar denotes that.


Schwartz, who is CPR-certified for dogs, said she always wanted to be a veterinarian but wasn't really pushed into pursuing that profession. As a dog groomer, she listened to her clients wishes for a boarding service that was more a happy place than a prison and realized she could take her love of animals and desire to serve them to a different level.


"I wanted something that was not just a chain-link fence and concrete," she said. "I just tried to make it as human as possible."


It took a year of research and work to open the resort, Schwartz said. Getting it all together was as tough as running the Los Angeles Marathon, which she did in 1996, and just as worth it. Bright, fresh and clean, the spa is as relaxing to look at for humans as it is to experience for animals.


It's also very much a family affair. Her husband, Peter, a math teacher at Fontana High School, helped her put it all together. Her son, Lance Cater, a senior at Claremont High School, is helping out, while her daughter, Sandra Cater, runs the mobile grooming end of the business.


"I think animals are humans with fur, " Schwartz said. "I think they're little angels on Earth and should be treated as such."


Personal Preference Pet Resort and Spa is at 825 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont. For information: (909) 399-3990.

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Pet owners love our video feature!!!  If your precious dog was captured on camera, we will show you a video as he/she enjoys our resort. This video is by request only. It will show you how much fun your furry family member had!!


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